• Raise awareness for the staffs about document risks, counterfeit vouchers; forgery risks; client identification and tricks used in bank fraud.
  • Provide basic knowledge about the characteristics of real/ counterfeit documents; fingerprint identification, face identification, and typical tricks
  • Develop skills to identify counterfeit documents and vouchers; indentify fingerprints and faces.


  • Provide basic knowledge about the characteristics of real documents, vouchers and fingerprint identification features, face recognition features for trainees.
  • Explain the theory with practical illustrative examples.
  • Provide information and analyze identification signals of some popular expedients to create counterfeit documents, vouchers and fingerprints, and faces in real banking criminal cases.
  • Do practical tasks to analyse and compare real/ counterfeit documents and vouchers via illustrated examples and swags from real banking criminal cases (by eyes or training instruments: magnifier, ultraviolet (UV) light lamp…)
  • Focus on the interaction and the two-dimensional discussion between the trainers and trainees.
  • Test and evaluate the quality of training at the end of the course.


Training Courses